Terms of Service

You invest via the INVESTYX LLC platform with Cryptocurrency. If currencies or assets other than cryptocurrencies are on the INVESTYX.IO, you must agree to a separate agreement together with the asset / bot. Please note that some INVESTYX LLC bots trade with leverage and/or short positions. This increases risk and can improve pro-fits. INVESTYX LLC is the facilitator of the platform. INVESTYX.IO is not liable for losses incurred on the platform.

You conclude or have an agreement with INVESTYX LLC. We also call ourselves CAPITAL PUSH LTD. and CAPITAL PUSH LTD is 100% owned by INVESTYX LLC.We are registered in United Kingdom Company House, No.:  12886210 , UK.

We offer the following services:
- Invest in cryptocurrency via INVESTYX LLC.
- Storing cryptocurrency via the wallet 'available funds'.

We do not:
Provide services related to:
- Mining
- Trading in cryptocurrency futures and other crypto securities or quasi-equity securities not originating from established banks, securities firms, futures commission traders ("FCM") or other not originating from approved financial institutions and/or which do not comply with all applicable laws.
- Financial Instruments - Offer Cryptocurrency to complete tasks such as downloading other apps, encouraging other users to download, posting on social networks, etc.

Don't you agree with us?
Do you disagree with the service we offer? Then you are obliged to limit any damage. Please contact INVESTYX LLC as soon as possible. If we don't find a solution together? Then, for example, you will have tocancel your account and sell your positions. You must also do this if you do not know the outcome of the dispute at that time or if you do not yet know whether we are liable for the damage.

Do you have a complaint?
If you have a complaint, you can let us know. We have a complaints pro-cedure in the chat. You can submit your complaint in writing or verbally. A complaint must be submitted within one year after the event occurred or after you could reasonably have known about it.

Your assets are protected in different ways.
INVESTYX LLC only works with approved exchanges, which at least have apps on IOS and Android or similar, and exchanges that score well in terms of security and guarantees. When choosing a bot, you also choose the exchange. All transactions or transfers of cryptocurrency are placed on approved exchanges.

INVESTYX LLC can also keep - as short as possible - crypto as-sets, normally during transactions. When INVESTYX LLC stores your crypto assets, they do not fall under INVESTYX LLCs' powerin the event of bankruptcy. A main rule of Dutch property law is that there is a difference between 'my' and 'your'. A consequence of this is that the cre-ditors of one cannot simply recoup the property of someone other than the debtor.

How can you transfer money to and withdraw money from your account?
You can transfer and withdraw funds using the INVESTYX LLC (Ios and Android).

Can you promise your cryptocurrencies?
You can't pledge to a third party.

What is smart investing?
If you opt for the service you choose for your investment policy by choosing bot strategies (INVESTYX LLC), you keep an eye on whe-ther you achieve your objectives with this investment policy and take all in-vestment decisions yourself. The app allows you to order online safely and quickly.

When can you not use Smart Investing?
In the following situations, you cannot use the INVESTYX LLC to trade with real cryptocurrencies:
- If you live in a country or have the nationality of a country where crypto-currencies are not allowed for you.
- If you are under guardianship.
- If you are a minor, act without the express consent of your parents / gu-ardian. We do not allow a legal representative to enter into an agreement on behalf of a minor.

When is the INVESTYX LLC service suitable for you?
In general, the INVESTYX LLC is suitable for customers who alrea-dy invest completely independently and without assistance.

Usually these are customers who:
- are aware of economic developments,
- have an interest in and experience of investing,
- understand the risks and bear the risks financially and emotionally.
In general, the higher the expected return, the greater the probability of (large) losses.

Risk classification:
The risk classification per INVESTYX LLC is indicated on the plat-form. Based on backtesting and current data, a risk classification is given per bot. On the platform you can see this risk classification prior to the possible activation of a bot.

When may the INVESTYX LLC service not be suitable for you?
In some cases, investing yourself may not be suitable for you. For example, if your assets and income are relatively small. Investments fluc-tuate and can (temporarily) fall sharply.

When does the agreement end?
Both you and INVESTYX LLC can cancel the agreement by sen-ding the other person a formal, clear message. In some cases (e.g. in case of doubt, one and/or account or one and/or invoice) INVESTYX LLC may ask you to send us a signed letter.

In the following situations, our relationship can end immediately and com-pletely, without having to send you a letter.
- You are bankrupt, you are subject to a legal debt rescheduling plan or you apply for a moratorium.
- You are under administration or receivership.
- You do not comply with the agreements in the conditions.
- If you do not comply with the rules of self investment.

you can transfer, sell or transfer your cryptocurrency at any time via the INVESTYX LLC to your bank account. Selling your cryptocurrencies may take some time. Selling or transferring your cryptocurrency is subject to a fee. Once all your orders have been processed you will receive a con-firmation of the cancellation and the date on which the transactions took place. This is visible in the app.

What happens to your cryptocurrencies when you die?
In the event of death, your heirs will temporarily take your place as a party to this agreement. In order to determine who your heirs are, they must send us a certificate of inheritance. Or any other document applicable to us as a right of inheritance. After that, your heirs can continue to make trans-actions until the estate is divided. The heirs may wish to keep the account after the inheritance has been divided. They will then have to enter into anew agreement with us.

Haven't INVESTYX LLC been able to determine who formally are your heirs or who is your executor? If so, INVESTYX LLC will leave your investments in the app until further notice.

Do you have an "and/or" account and one of you dies? In that case, the other person(s) can continue to use the account separately in the way INVESTYX LLC has agreed with you in these terms and conditions. This article does not apply if you are a legal entity.

What happens if you are placed under guardianship or receivership?
INVESTYX LLC does not formally know who the trustee or liquida-tor is until INVESTYX LLC has received the appointment of the court. The court must also have explicitly discussed cryptocurrencies.

What happens if you move to the United States?
You will no longer be able to use our services. You must sell your invest-ments and close your account.

What happens if INVESTYX LLC adjusts the costs?
We can adjust the cost of our services at any time. We will publish the ad-justment in INVESTYX LLC before the adjustment starts. Do you disagree with an adjustment? Then you can end your relationship with us by selling and closing the app.

The storage and administration of your cryptocurrencies
When you open an account, you give us the order:
manage investments for you in the cryptocurrency exchanges,
- to carry out administrative management actions related to your investments.

Valuation of your investments
When valuing the investments in your portfolio, if available, we use the real-time value with an interval of 5 minutes.

How do you give us an order?
We only process your orders related to your investments through the app.

How do we carry out your assignments?
If you have orders executed by the INVESTYX LLC of your choice, the costs and risks are yours.

We can combine your order with other customers' orders. We only do this if it is not detrimental to you, but we cannot guarantee this. It is possible that a combined order will only be partially carried out. In that case we di-vide the result over the different customers. You will then receive the per-centage of that part of the order that we have carried out at the average rate.

We keep track of the assignments you have given us via the chosen INVESTYX LLC. We do this digitally. However, in order to guaran-tee the source code or intellectual property of the INVESTYX LLC maker, you have no insight into information other than the moments of pur-chase and sale, as well as the strategy described.

When you start a bot, you cannot invest more than the amount in your ac-count. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from investments in INVESTYX LLC, only if we make a major mistake ourselves or if we have caused the damage intentionally.


Prevention of money laundering
INVESTYX LLC implements its AML policy with the help of profes-sional market parties. Some components are:

- Connection to global sanctions and watch lists. Profiles of entities on glo-bal and national sanction lists (e.g. OFAC, HMT, UN and many more)
- Connect to additional information with real-time updates, e.g. photos, connections, media articles, source links, etc.
- Connection to thousands of government, regulatory, law enforcement, fit-ness and justice checklists
- Connection to deposited global databases of PEPs in more than 200 countries is continuously monitored for updates - Connection to PEP clas-sification in risk classes according to FATF guidelines Connection to use PEP
- Profiles extended with connections, family members, close employees, photos and media articles In addition to cooperation with reputable market parties. INVESTYX LLC has its own research department that ob-serves both actively and passively.

KYC policy (know your customer)
Identity verification in accordance with the FATF and WWFT customer identification policies. Data is processed in accordance with AVG regulati-ons. INVESTYX LLC performs its KYC with the assistance of pro-fessional verification market parties such as Switftdill.

Access to INVESTYX LLC is done digitally via the app or our online platform. Each user is required to comply with INVESTYX LLC's KYC and AML procedures. A client survey is always carried out at entities as well.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Policy
INVESTYX LLC only works with cryptocurrency exchanges that score well in terms of KYC / AML integration and implementation. We fol-low both our own research and research from third parties such as Swift-dill. The selection of grants for cryptocurrency changes depending on the results of the various studies.

De The Anti-Money Laundering Guideline
INVESTYX LLC is currently being registered with Financial Authorities in several countries. INVESTYX LLC is conducting enhanced research into correspon-dent relationships. These correspondent relationships include those bet-ween financial companies that have entered into services provided by one institution to another, including services such as cash management, money transfers, transit accounts, bureaux de change and securities transactions. According to INVESTYX LLC, this also includes platforms where crypto's are traded.

Activation with cryptocurrencies
Activation via cryptocurrencies always leads to a sharper client survey. For example, information about family members and close business partners, sources of income, research into unfavourable reporting on the Internet, research into business activities, etc., and verification of the documents for authenticity (e.g. by comparing customer documents with documents from the tax authorities, such as sales and income tax returns, copies of the ex-ternal accountant, employer payslips, etc.).

Legal advice on the cryptocurrency
With regard to cryptocurrencies, INVESTYX LLC supports purcha-ses of pure crypto.

In addition, INVESTYX LLC rejects any involvement in Cryptocur-rencies or money that may come from PEPs, sanction lists or otherwise suspect origin.

Organisation and implementation
INVESTYX LLC has set up its organization specifically for, among other things, model risk management practices, customer research, repor-ting, retention of supporting documents, internal control, compliance ma-nagement and employee review. INVESTYX LLC works together with a person with final responsibility, a compliance function and an audit function. INVESTYX LLC also works on the preparation of a central contact point for the supervisor. At INVESTYX LLC, the policymaker is responsible for compliance with the Wwft. The task of the compliance of-ficer is to supervise compliance with legislation and regulations and the in-stitution's (internal) policy. In addition, the compliance officer reports to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The person with the audit function moni-tors compliance with legislation and regulations and the compliance officer.

It is a top priority for INVESTYX LLC to protect the private data of our clients, business partners and associates. We protect personal data and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) of the Eu-ropean Union. Some of the most important requirements for privacy and data protection to which INVESTYX LLC adheres, according to the AVG, include: Requirement

  • consent of subjects for data processing.
  • Anonymize collected data to protect privacy.
  • Providing reports of data leaks.

We store and process, in cooperation with our certified partners, the follo-wing personal data of the users of the mobile application:

First and last name, address details, GPS location, date of birth, gender, photo, copy of ID document, bank details, trade history, phone number and fiat / cryptocurrency transfer history.

By registering for our mobile trading application, the user agrees to INVESTYX LLC's right to store and process this information in ac-cordance with GDPR regulations.

According to the AVG we comply with, users have full control over their own personal data and have the right to unsubscribe if they wish. Users have the right to withdraw their consent to the storage and processing of their personal data and the data history can be deleted from the INVESTYX.IO file at the user's request.

We may only store and process user data that is critical to the functioning of the mobile application and financial transaction systems. INVESTYX.IO is required by law to share personal data with authorities in the event that such a request is made by law enforcement.

Costs involved in investing: platform costs, payout to INVESTYX LLC smart investing costs and exchange costs. Other costs are financing and with-drawal costs. Mainly exchange of base currency.